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Blocking Ads with Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan)

So to start this off with a bit of a preface, this post is one that before 10 minutes ago I didn’t really know I would be able to write as I want a solution that is effective but doesn’t compromise performance. I have been keeping track of Microsoft Edge since its very early days and […]

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Make an ISO for Windows 10 9860

So one of the revelations with today’s release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview update is that there will be no ISO’s offered for this build or any future build for the insider program.  While I can understand Microsoft’s thinking here because they want to test their new update mechanism, it is also confusing from […]

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Get rid of Skype ads in Chat Screen (6.13)

One of the more annoying things about the buy-out of Skype by Microsoft is the classic Windows Live model of bombarding the user with as many ads as possible in the UI.  The most recent offense is a new banner ad that appears at the top of every single chat window in Skype.  This is […]

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Windows Update in Audit mode on Windows 8.1

Perhaps the easiest way to create a pre staged image of Windows that includes all current updates plus any applications that you may want installed is to use audit mode and the sysprep tool to re-seal the image after you have made your changes. In this post I won’t be talking about how to use […]

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My Windows 8.1 Preview Experiences

Over the past few days, I have been using the Windows 8.1 preview, and I decided to write about my experience with it thus far.  It is no secret that I was not a huge fan of Windows 8, and the only reason I kept using it was because of apps like Start8 and StartIsBack.  […]

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Guide: Disable Auto Activation in Windows 8

As some of you may or may not know, Windows 8 brings many changes to the activation system that is used to protect the software from piracy.  While effective, most of them just serve to be a royal pain to legitimate users of the software.  There is no longer a 30 day grace period before […]

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Tip: Make sure Bing Bar never installs itself

So here’s a cool tip for all of you out there.  Anyone who uses certain pieces of software, especially the Shark007 codec pack, knows that the bing toolbar likes to install itself without consent at times.  Well here’s a little registry tweak that makes sure the bing toolbar can never install on your machine.  EVER. […]

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Tips and Tricks

When Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview 3 days ago, I was one of the first to hit the download servers and install my copy of this shiny new OS.  Upon using it for about a day I decided to do something that I haven’t done in 6 years.  I decided to write a […]

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Two MS Employees Fired over Win 8 Leaks

Saw this over at winrumors, a lot of talk going around that there is truth to this.  Also some talk that a few more are being closely watched due to newer builds being shared among a small group of people.  Here is the excerp from winrumors: Two full time Microsoft employees have allegedly had their […]

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Windows 8 Build 7959 has Leaked

As many of you undoubtedly know by now, Windows 8 Build 7959 has leaked on BetaArchive today.  This build is largely similar to 7955, but the main differences are that it is a Server SKU and that it is 64 bit, which should make all the folks with modern PC’s very happy since you can […]

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