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Building Arcturus Part 4 The Final Chapter

I know it’s been a while, thanks to that thing called a job that makes me money that pays for the ever increasing price of gas, but I am back with the final part of my build log for my latest rig, dubbed “Arcturus”. There actually is one other reason I waited so long to […]

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Update on Future Articles

I figured that since I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks I would give an update on some things I have in the works that will be posted in the future for your reading pleasure. First and foremost will be the final post in my Building Arcturus series.  In this article I will cover […]

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Building Arcturus Part 3 Pump and Block Problems

So in the last part of this series I covered the final assembly of the initial design for Arcturus.  In this post I will start to cover some of the issues I had after the rig was completed. Pump Issues The first issue that I had was with the pumps, as you know from the […]

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Building Arcturus Part 2 Assembling the Monster

This is part 2 of my build log for project Arcturus.  To see Part 1 please take a look at the previous post. In this section I will be covering the assembly of the machine, as well as explaining some of the intricacies of building something of this magnitude. What made me select the CaseLabs […]

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Building Arcturus Part 1

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, you know, with that pesky real life demanding most of my time and prohibiting me from posting on a more consistent basis.  I am making a very strong effort to change that now, and I figured I would start with something unique that I haven’t done […]

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