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Building Arcturus Part 4 The Final Chapter

I know it’s been a while, thanks to that thing called a job that makes me money that pays for the ever increasing price of gas, but I am back with the final part of my build log for my latest rig, dubbed “Arcturus”. There actually is one other reason I waited so long to […]

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Building Arcturus Part 3 Pump and Block Problems

So in the last part of this series I covered the final assembly of the initial design for Arcturus.  In this post I will start to cover some of the issues I had after the rig was completed. Pump Issues The first issue that I had was with the pumps, as you know from the […]

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Building Arcturus Part 2 Assembling the Monster

This is part 2 of my build log for project Arcturus.  To see Part 1 please take a look at the previous post. In this section I will be covering the assembly of the machine, as well as explaining some of the intricacies of building something of this magnitude. What made me select the CaseLabs […]

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Building Arcturus Part 1

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, you know, with that pesky real life demanding most of my time and prohibiting me from posting on a more consistent basis.  I am making a very strong effort to change that now, and I figured I would start with something unique that I haven’t done […]

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