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Get rid of Skype ads in Chat Screen (6.13)

One of the more annoying things about the buy-out of Skype by Microsoft is the classic Windows Live model of bombarding the user with as many ads as possible in the UI.  The most recent offense is a new banner ad that appears at the top of every single chat window in Skype.  This is where I had enough as it actually interfered with the aesthetics of the UI and drove me a little nuts.  So I set out to find a way to block this ad for now and I came up with a way to do just that, so I figured I would share the method with all of you.  FYI this method only works on Windows as it depends on Internet Explorer settings.

Just follow these simple instructions and enjoy an ad free Skype experience (until Microsoft finds a new way to shove these ads down our throats in a new version of Skype.)

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Under the Security tab click on “Restricted sites” and click the “sites” button
  • Type in “” (without the quotes) and click add
  • Click Close and then apply it.
  • In Skype go to your home screen and then back to a chat screen and the ad should be gone

Enjoy this method to achieve ad free in Skype, at least for now.  I will either update this post or make a new one at a later date if this method stops working.

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  • Jim

    Chris, you’re a legend. Works a treat on latest version of Skype (, Windows 8.1.

  • Josiedan

    brilliant – thanks

  • Crusufix

    Excellent. This worked well on 6.14. I thank you a lot!

  • Terry

    working on (in australia

  • Kix

    Works nice! Thanks!

  • Oli

    Awesome! thanks a Million!

  • Alic

    Works on 6.18. And Microsoft said they are a company to change our lives — I assume they mean to make our life worse?

  • IntelligenceAndPeace

    worked on thanks! how did you find out to block specifically that site btw?

  • Azeemuddin

    Fantastic boss, works like charm, thanx for the guidance

  • Texas Maverick

    Thank you Chris! I think its about time you put Microsoft’s shameful act of monotizing Skype and annoying its users with irrelevant ads! Skype should be now and FOREVER ad free!

  • Deb

    Could someone explain what a “chat ad widget” means? and/or “in-call ad widget”/ Do these terms have to do with ads that run while I talk to my grandson on Skype? or another explanation?

  • Eagle

    Works wonderfully on Skype W7x64 and I’m not in the mood of upgrading it until Microsoft disables older versions.

    Thanks a lot.

  • azhar ali buttar

    I successfully removed ads from Skype. There are two things to do, one
    is to block a URL and other is to change in the config file. I followed
    this URL:

  • SuzukiMasami

    Is there a way to also block the ad that appears at the bottom left of the Skype window? It’s the one at the bottom of the Contacts|Recent list. Thanks.

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