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Change Windows 8 Window Border Size

This is a neat little tip for people who do not like Windows 8’s gargantuan Window borders.  In previous versions of Windows (Vista and 7), this was easily accomplished through the advanced appearance options under personalization.  Unfortunately, this is gone in Windows 8, leaving a LOT of the customization features of the OS hidden from view.  Until now the only way to tweak the border size in Windows 8 was to do it via the registry.

Fortunately for all of us, a kind Happy Bulldozer (seriously this is what the guy calls himself), wrote a small app called Tiny Window Borders.  This app lets you set your desired border size with a nice little slider, and then you simply log off and back on to see the change (or just restart explorer.exe).  This app is great for people who don’t want to delve into the registry for something that really should be an exposed option anyway.  So without further ado, click the link below to head over to winaero and download this nifty little utility.

Download: Tiny Window Borders for Windows 8

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  • bitbank

    Beware of the download “helper” and associated utilities which come along for the ride with this program. I stopped it mid-install as it tried to install all sorts of extra stuff on my machine. It’s much easier just to use the registry editor.

    • Aealya

      Install? it comes in a zip folder, by itself. lol

      • Jim deVos

        I’m guessing bitbank clicked on one of the ads disguised as download buttons (there were 4 of them when I visited the page – the “real” download had the smallest button, ironically). I know the app developer needs to make a buck, but download pages like that feel… icky.

  • Jimbob

    Maybe… just maybe beware of stupid…

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