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Windows 8 OOBE Screenshots

So recently people have been posting many things about various things about Windows 8.  Today I noticed that someone posted a screenshot of the locked OOBE routine in early M3 builds of Windows 8.  Thanks to an anonymous source, I have an array of screenshots of this OOBE routine from one of these early M3 builds of Windows 8.  I am posting below for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!


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  • Anonymous

    Great post! any idea what build the pictures are from?

  • Anonymous

    The pictures are from a 797x build

    • Anonymous

      OK, thanks :)

  • Antonio Orsini


  • Tom W

    Good stuff Chris :)

  • Andre Da Costa

    Very simple design and looks touch friendly too. I don’t like that words like product key are not displayed in full though, hope that is not permanent. Another thing I like is how human the wording is throughout the wizards, very communicative.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure that the words getting cut off will be addressed in the future.

      • Andre Da Costa

        I hope so, just assuming they might be trying to be hip and edgy with this Metro theme philosophy.

  • Korupt_one

    nice typo in screenshot #8 ” network:user the internet”

    • Anonymous

      lol, nice catch, that’s the nature of pre-release software. There’s some pretty funny typos going back.

  • Canouna

    Woah, so nice!

    • Anonymous


  • Ferdi W.P.

    Very good setup UI thats make it more simple

  • Michael Spirk

    In the screens where you have to select your language it looks as if they would drop the dropdown arrow.

  • Nguyen Kien

    I like metro UI

  • Uvais

    look nice ;)

  • Tooty


  • Bob

    Cant wait for leak!

  • Cus

    nice! :)

  • Apple`s User

    that`s bad, `cause microsoft increasingly mimics apple mac`s software….

  • Sinister1

    This looks nothing like anything Apple has; this is fresh and new, this is the Metro UI.

  • S1v3r


  • Hlopez

    bad , very bad

  • Anonymous

    Hey,this looks cool! Can someone posta torrent link to this? I am currently using Milestone 2 I think… My build is 7955. What build is this anyways? :D